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XT - POS (Point of Sales)

"Accuracy" is another main benefits of a POS System. A POS System can help make sure the cash balances properly and easily with minimum effort from the users. This also enhances the next benefit of a POS system which is "security".

The POS system must clearly add value to the business, being reliable, professional and easy to use at the same time. XT-POS systems not only meet all the above criteria, but they are also affordable, up-to-date and most importantly they come with excellent support and after sale service.

Special Features

  • Processes sales fast. Adds customers at the point of sale. Tracks store credits, gift cards, and payouts. Saves and voids sales. Automatically prints detailed customer sales receipts.
  • Quickly prints barcode pricing labels for received items. Provides detailed histories of product price and date of receipt.
  • Displays past and current sales. Quickly reprints receipts and displays customer and item sales histories. Tracks item, vendor, and department sales performance.
  • Automatically generates purchase orders based on inventory minimums and maximums or sales. Creates reorders in minutes.
  • Stores and analyzes department, vendor and class information. Creates powerful reports that provide you with the inventory you need for critical buying decisions.
  • Keeps your business competitive by tracking inventory departments vendors and classes. Provides the information you need for timely ordering and maintaining minimum and maximum inventory levels. Allows you to manage inventory for multiple locations through transfers.