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XT - CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

We introduces Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, offering services to companies of different sizes and industries.

XT-CRM software solutions will empower your company to optimize business operations and gain a long-term competitive advantage in the market.

We implement various customer-focused strategies with our Custom CRM solutions to manage processes like sales, leads management and channel management. XT-CRM software solutions can scale up to your requirements and manage different aspects of your business like sales tracking, lead capturing and allocation, data warehousing, reports generation, and asset management.

Special Features

  • Importing records from external sources to our XT-CRM is one of the most important features.
  • Workflow management enables you to automate your sales, marketing and support processes. It helps you assign or transfer the records and tasks to users, based on the defined criteria.
  • XT-CRM helps you to analyze sales and marketing trends. The reports and dashboards could be obtained by user friendly search option in the software.
  • XT-CRM empowers you to control the data access based on user's profile. The users can access only areas that are privileged to them.
  • A feedback form is incorporated in this application, where the customers could express their responses on the services provided by your organization as well as their views and opinions on the organization itself.